Bell Springs would like to Thank our Customers for their Loyalty and Support as we turn 70 Years Old.  Proudly Australian Made and Owned - Keep Manufacturing in Australia!





New Machinery has arrived :




   Looper                                      Press




Arrived 2013:  CNC Grinder- Latest Technology in Grinding .


                        Updated Oven to keep in line with our committment to Quality 





Arrived October 2011: 5 Ton Air Bench Press with Laser Safety Curtain.

New Spring looper has arrived from Austria. Cutting Lead times and staying competitive.


A fully Programable CNC controlled Guillotine has arrived along with a CNC Maxi Coiler . The Maxi Coiler is fully programmable with very little manual labour required. A new Employee with 8 Years Spring Manufacturing Experience has been employed to Operate the machine.


With the Investment of New Machinery and upgrades we will improve our production Capacity.

As a part of Bell Springs committment to Quality we have purchased Two New State of the Art Spring Analysis Systems. Fully Programable Servo driven Testing Systems which are PC controlled. Programable for automated testing with Spring test setups stored in files for quick recall. Automated loading, testing and sorting capabilities. Detailed report creation software available to customers. Manufactured in Europe.